On Demand Webinar

See a demonstration of Alexa Entities and learn how to create more engaging and intelligent skills using the Alexa Knowledge Graph. Alexa Entities provides access to knowledge information from Alexa's high-quality, continuously updated catalogues containing facts about people (e.g. George Clooney’s birthday), places (e.g. the population and capital of Belgium) and more general things (e.g. the average weight of a hippo). We will also demonstrate how Alexa Entities can be used with Alexa Conversations to make your Alexa conversations even more delightful. This session will be presented by Gen Suzuki, Senior Software Engineer, Alexa Knowledge.

During this Tech Talk you will learn how to:

  • Resolve mentions in your skill utterances to Alexa Entities
  • Use Alexa Entities to fetch useful and interesting data from Alexa’s Knowledge Graph
  • Integrate with Alexa Conversations to make your conversations even more delightful

Featured Speaker

Gen Suzuki, Senior Software Engineer, Alexa Knowledge
Gen Suzuki is a Sr. Software Engineer with the Alexa Knowledge Team. He develops APIs for semantically-structured knowledge. Today, he works on Alexa Entities to make Alexa’s Knowledge Graph accessible to a wider audience. He has experience working with diverse groups of developers, from other Amazon teams to Alexa skill builders and Alexa Prize contestants. Gen joined Amazon in 2016 and has over 10 years of industry experience.

Additional Resources

Alexa Entities - Beta Blogpost
Alexa Entities - Beta Blogpost

Learn how Alexa Entities can help you build more engaging & intelligent skills more easily, and get inspired by example use cases by reading our blogpost.

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Alexa Entities - Documentation
Alexa Entities - Documentation

Learn how Alexa Entities works with your existing interaction model, and which Built-in Slot Types and properties are supported.

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Alexa Entities - Code Sample
Alexa Entities - Code Sample

Get started with a code sample which shows you how to use Alexa Entities to fetch data about countries (e.g. capital city, political leader, population).

Sample Code

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