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Audio output volume is a fundamental aspect of every Alexa Built-in (ABI) product, shaping the way consumers interact with devices. In this Tech Talk, you’ll learn audio volume essentials, as well as best practices, from James Petzinger, an Amazon solutions architect with more than five years’ experience working with developers as a human interface design (HID) expert.

James will also share insight into the new design guide released by Amazon that addresses many of the HID/UX/UI questions that have been raised by ABI product developers on the topic of audio volume experience. This presentation will provide an overview of the contents of this new design guide.

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James Petzinger, Senior Solutions Architect, Amazon Alexa
James Petzinger, Senior Solutions Architect, Amazon Alexa
James has leveraged his mechanical engineering background and Japanese fluency in several industries including electrical power systems, fiber optics, and computer hard drive and flash storage. Throughout his career, he has focused on human interface design and is now using this knowledge to help developers create safe, delightful, and useful ABI products.

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Design Guide - Audio Volume Experience on ABI Products - Design Guide (Authenticated)
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