On Demand Webinar

See a demonstration of new devices and features to get a taste for what was shared, and learn about the latest Alexa innovations designed to help drive business growth, improve productivity, and deliver more delightful customer experiences. This session will be jointly hosted by Jeff Blankenburg, Alexa Chief Technology Evangelist and Arunjeet Singh, Alexa Presentation Language Product Manager.

Featured Speaker

Jeff Blankenburg
Jeff Blankenburg, Chief Technology Evangelist
Jeff Blankenburg spent the early part of his career in digital advertising, building websites for Victoria’s Secret, Abercrombie & Fitch, and Ford Motor Company, among others. He also spent 8 years at Microsoft, primarily as an evangelist for any new technology he could get his hands on.
Today, he works on the Amazon Alexa team helping developers make Alexa even smarter. Jeff has also spoken at conferences all over the world, including London, Munich, India, Tokyo, Sydney, and New York, covering topics ranging from software development technologies to soft skill techniques. He also serves as an organizer for the Stir Trek conference.
Arunjeet Singh
Arunjeet Singh, Principal Product Manager
Arun has been making software in some way, shape, or form since 2002 when he started his journey building web sites and eLearning courses for school children. Since then he has worked on general lines insurance software (RPG, DB2, and mainframes. Yikes!), mobile apps before they were cool back in the Windows mobile days. Arun spent 9 years at Microsoft where he worked as a consultant, on the SQL server product, on Windows Phone, and finally the application model for the first version of Windows 10 that shipped in 2015. After spending some time at Salesforce building marketing applications Arun found his calling in the voice tech world with Alexa where he’s been busy working on Alexa’s multimodal APIs for the past 5 years. During his time on Alexa Arun and his team have launched Alexa Presentation Language (APL), Alexa Web API, and then motion/sensing APIs for Echo Show 10. In his personal time Arun loves riding his Peloton, hiking, and playing video games. His latest obsession is The Last of Us Part 2 and if you want to race him in a spin class you can find him at Seattle41.

Additional Resources

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