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Alexa Mobile Accessory Webinar

The Alexa Voice Service (AVS) offers developers multiple ways to build Alexa into their devices. One way to build Alexa devices is with the Alexa Mobile Accessory (AMA) kit. The Alexa Mobile Accessory is a class of Bluetooth audio accessories that use the Alexa App on a paired mobile device to access AVS. This approach frees developers from having to worry about form-factor and processing power. When paired with a mobile device, accessories gain access to a wider range of options, such as location-based services, to create richer Alexa user experiences.

Industry leaders have partnered with AVS to bring developers AMA-ready hardware and software development kits. These kits greatly reduce the integration burden and accelerate time to market. Optionally, device makers could use turnkey AVS-certified Alexa solutions and services from our Original Design Manufacturers (ODMs) and Systems Integrators (SI) partners to get their products to market even faster.

On Thursday, July25, 2019, AVS provided details about the Alexa Mobile Accessory kit as well as hardware development kits for device makers. Watch the recording by completing the form!