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Alexa Announcements
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Alexa Announcements enables customers to make and receive one-way announcements to and from compatible Alexa built-in devices in their household. Similar to a one-way intercom, Alexa Announcements is great for quick, broad communications you want to share with your whole family. This allows customers to announce on their device from the kitchen that “dinner is ready,” or that “it’s time to wake up,” or from their Fire TV Cube that “the movie is starting.” This audio message will be “announced” playing back simultaneously through the other Alexa built-in devices in the home. 

Alexa Announcements is available to commercial device makers for certified Alexa built-in products to implement into Alexa built-in products. On 26-June-2019, Scott Isabelle, Principal Solutions Engineer of Alexa Voice Service (AVS), provided details of Alexa Announcements for device makers. Complete the form to watch the webinar recording!