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Alexa Smart Home Controls Available via AVS API

Device makers have used the Alexa Voice Service (AVS) to launch hundreds of products with Alexa Built-in that customers can talk to and play music, ask questions, control compatible devices, and more. Amazon has updated the AVS API to enable voice control of smart home functionality on Alexa Built-in products. With this update, device makers can add support for Toggle, Mode, Range, and Power control APIs, previously enabled only for Smart Home Skill-based integrations.

Previously, the only way for an AVS device maker to enable voice control of their product’s unique hardware was by building a separate Smart Home or Custom Alexa Skill for their device. Now with Smart Home for AVS, device makers can just re-use their AVS client to handle those Skill directives and events directly, saving time and money up-front and over the lifetime of the product.

During a webinar on February 12, 2020, we reviewed Smart Home for AVS in more detail. Complete the form to watch the recording today!