On Demand Webinar

Make your Alexa custom skills more compelling with interactive visuals. More and more customers are buying Echo devices with screens, and more and more devices with screens are getting Alexa apps or Alexa built right in. Studies show skills with visuals increase customer engagement and customer retention. Learn how to make those visuals respond to voice and touch to make them even more interactive.

During this Tech Talk you will learn how to:

  • Build an interactive visual with Alexa Presentation Language (APL)
  • Update that visual from a voice interaction
  • Use touch events to update that visual

Featured Speaker

Greg Bulmash, Solutions Architect, Amazon Alexa
Greg Bulmash is a solutions architect with Amazon Alexa Developer Education. He started with Amazon in 1998, putting his degree in creative writing to work as senior editor for IMDb, then left in the aughts to reinvent himself as a software developer. Along the way he made stops at Microsoft, Avalara, and AWS, and now helps teach other developers how to create Alexa custom skills.

Additional Resources

Three New Features to Create Richer Alexa Experiences
Three New Features to Create Richer Alexa Experiences

Learn about APL visuals, APL for Audio, and the Web API for Games

View the video from VOICE Summit

APL Responsive Layouts Demo
APL Responsive Layouts Demo

Try out a number of responsive layouts and components for APL with this Github repo.

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APL TouchWrapper Documentation
APL TouchWrapper Documentation

Learn about responding to touch with the TouchWrapper.

Read Documentation

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